The J- curve is the most popular atlas curve specification. J curve is 24mm gradual bow for better ball control, overheads and superior hitting. It is the perfect all round shape.

· Gradual mid-curve spread along the length of the shaft
· Excellent head profile allows for powerful hitting
· Great for skill development in all areas


The C – Curve is the perfect low bow stick designed for the drag-flicking and ball control enthusiasts.

· Slick and round handle to allow for effortless dribbling and stick control with right hand
· Flat and wide stick shaft to allow for smooth and precise drag-flicking, sliders and slap hitting
· Optimum head angle assists with stick skills and flick passing while the lower curve profile allows for accurate and powerful drag-flicking

Low Bow

The ‘Low-Bow’ Curve is a low profile smooth curve which is less intense than the C-Curve.

· Low profile bow that is not as aggressive & deep as C-Curve but still helps the player to learn the skills i.e. drag flicking, dribbling & overheads.

Elite Curve

The Elite-curve is a classic style of low depth mid curve gradually distributed along the shaft. It is best suited to traditional style of game play. Great for powerful upright hitting, tackling and slap hitting.