Oregon Wolf 01


Oregon Wolf 1 2018
The Oregon WOLF1 field hockey stick is black and golden. It offers a lowbow specifically designed for a greater level of ball control and amazing 3D skills. It produces incredible power and speed. The feel of perfect balance and the offensive bow make the WOLF one of the most sophisticated and wanted hockey sticks for the world’s hockey elite.
Composed of 90% carbon, 5% Kevlar and 5% flax fiber that make it extremely rigid, it is recommended for experienced players.
The WOLF is a first choice stick for top level hockey players and Oregon’s flagship model. It is an innovative hockey stick specially designed for strikers. The stick was constructed in accordance with Oregon’s know-how and philosophy.

Features and benefits
– 90% Carbon, 5% Kevlar and 5% glassfiber
– Extra light
– 24mm curve(low bow)
– Maxi hook

Color: Black / Gold

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